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Make sure you consider the following Do’s and Don’ts when initiating a home improvement project and selecting a contractor:

  • Do verify the name, address, telephone number, credentials and references of the contractor. Make sure that he/she is licensed, insured, and/or bonded.
  • Do obtain more than one bid for the home improvement project. Do some comparison shopping in choosing the contractor.
  • Do check with the building and zoning authorities in your area to determine what permits you need to proceed with your project.
  • Do include all the terms, conditions, warranties, and oral promises concerning the project in a written contract.
  • Don’t sign the agreement until you have completely read and understood all of the provisions.
  • Don’t submit to high pressure sales tactics by a contractor or sales representative.
  • Don’t sign a completion certificate for the job before it has been inspected and properly completed as agreed to in the contract.
  • Don’t pay for the entire job in advance or pay cash to the salesperson or contractor.
  • Do contact your local or state government consumer affairs office and/or local BBB, if you are unable to resolve a dispute with your contractor.

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