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20 Year Anniversary for Darnell Construction

Brian Darnell Construction in Missouri 20 Year Anniversary   Brian Darnell with Darnell Construction reached a milestone this month with a 20 year anniversary. Darnell Construction opened for business on January 14, 1997 providing construction services in the St. Louis Metro Area of Missouri.     Brian Darnell Construction in Missouri 20 Year Anniversary read more →

14 Jan 2017

Commercial Construction Services

Darnell Construction has split into two separate divisions; One division now provides commercial construction services and the other will continue to provide residential construction services.  Brian Darnell will still provide the same quality and integrity that his clients have been depending on for years, but now under to separate brands. For Commercial Services provided by.. read more →

09 Nov 2016

Smoke Detector Fail: A Taking Action Investigation

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – We go to bed at night with the reassurance if a fire sparks and smoke builds, we will be protected. But WHNT News 19 has recently uncovered a disturbing delay in one type of smoke alarm. Read more… http://whnt.com/2012/07/16/smoke-detector-fail-a-taking-action-investigation/ read more →

16 Jun 2016

HVAC Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is a tradition, but there are some other chores that should be part of your springtime routine, too. These take only a few minutes, so lets get started! Check your air-conditioning and heating equipment before the beginning of a new season. Have a qualified HVAC technician do a bi-annual check-up to make sure.. read more →

10 Mar 2014