02 Mar 2013

How To Build A Tile Shower Floor Pan

For this do it yourself project you will find step-by-step instructions and photos of a shower floor pan installation for a custom tile or stone shower.

3/4 inch plywood with typical 2×10 floor joists properly secured with non-corrosive screws.

15# felt is applied over plywood as a slip-sheet.

2.5 lb metal lath is installed and securely staple to the floor.

Mortar pre-slope is placed, float finished and allow to cure.

BOCA approved shower pan liner is installed.

Cement board is installed on walls with proper spacing off of floor.

Hole is cut in the liner to expose drain and sealant applied to drain base.

Reversible clamping ring is installed.

Drain barrel is installed and adjusted to the proper height.

Pea gravel is placed around the drain assembly.

A level screed is built around the perimeter to provide 1/4 inch per foot slope toward drain.

Fiberglass reinforced concrete mortar bed is allowed to cure before setting tile or stone.